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L2J is an Open Source, Alternative Lineage 2 Game Server written in pure Java for best compatibility. L2J gives you the possibility to legally host a game server for this popular Korean MMO created by NCSoft. It is still unfinished (Beta) and some features are still missing, but L2J Dev Team is working hard on implementing them.

This is a sub-project of the official L2J project that can be found at http://forum.l2jserver.com/.
This sub-project will cover only the editing of l2j geodata files. The main forum for discussion about the Geodata can be found at the link above.

For terms and conditions of use please see the L2J main portal.

L2J Geodata Project Members


DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO THE DOWNLOAD FILES PLEASE, anyone found doing this will have there IP banned, if you wish to have a link, please use the homepage url

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